Friday, August 5, 2016

The Next Adventure

Six years ago we cycled from Cairo to Cape Town in the 2010 Tour d'Afrique.  A sometimes long forgotten experience until this past week I found a copy of "The Slow Way Down", a book written by fellow cyclist Gerald Coniel.  I started flipping through and dropped into nostalgic rabbit hole.

Reliving the journey through photographic moments and literate descriptions made me feel like I was there.  If truth be told, I felt a waft of sadness that this experience was gone, like loosing a loved one. Sad that I didn't spend more time appreciating all of this moments that are clearly part of my soul.

Haggling a with perfume vendor in Cairo (don't ask), time trialing up the Blue Nile Gorge, Gerald falling into a pile of his own shit, a warm bottle of coke, taking a day end bath under a water pump, sitting around with fellow riders after a long day, bush camp, and I feel myself getting sucked right back into the infinite list of memories...I could almost write a book! Maybe I could live in those memories....

But Im left with a question that my friend Gauro asked me last week.  "What is your next adventure"?

There have been adventures since the Tour d'Afrique, but the question stands and in contemplation I must first define this word "Adventure"!