Monday, June 23, 2014

Am I an alcoholic?

For 26 years, booze has been the cornerstone of my social life. I don't remember a fun night out without drinking...I don't remember a lot of nights when I did drink! Dinner with a friend or friends has always been at least a beer or wine. Parties and bars...usually a potpourri of options. Weddings...unrecognizable without drinks. Work dinners...the same story. Afternoon braai' much fun!

Since that fateful teenage night when I discovered the social ease of a drink, I've built dependence on drinking for the fun that comes from the source of that which makes us happy...interacting with people.

Although the last few years has seen a large organic decrease in the quantity that I drink. It was still there until 4 months ago when I decided to stop because alcohol's toxicity seems carcinogenic...especially since it's always listed as one of the lead causes of colon cancer.

Since that fateful day I have started to rediscover who I am. I am navigating my social network without the performing enhancement, without the boredom killer, without the inhibition's a whole new world. It's world that does not look anything like it did before. 

It's going to take a lot of getting used to! 


  1. Of course you are, you lush.
    You and all your dead-beat pals.
    Stop hanging around morons and be more like Cagney.
    You'll always be OK.
    Much, much love,
    Dead-beat B

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