Friday, May 14, 2010

Out of Africa... the feeling I had soon after crossing the border into South Africa. The roads, traffic pattens, cars were the first clue, and as we have moved further south it has become more and more apparent...South Africa provides a stark contrast to the rest of Africa as I experienced it.

With that being said, the beauty was not left at the border. South Africa's west coasts weather and ruggedness provides a wildness that makes you feel like you are at a frontier. And as frontiers can be inhospitable to newcomers, so can this area, if the cold wind is coming at you, and there is 100 miles of hilly road between you and a warm shower. But that is behind us now...and so is the wind. The last 2 days the wind has come around and has joined forces with us, pushing us away from the rain and towards the finish line.

Tomorrow is our Champs the form of a convoy into Cape Town


  1. Timmy Thomas... What a feat! Unreal.... Congrats! Swill

  2. Red - congrats on finishing your journey. For a cat who's completed some impressive athletic feats in his life, this has to be near the top. And considering some of the repulsive things you've done outside athletics, you were already near the top of that list too. You're sort of the OJ of Africa. Love, your pal, B