Monday, August 11, 2014

Money is conscious how we use our power!!

Consider is the expression of our power.  Where do we invest our power???

Money represents how we use our power, how we respond to power.  How we use money represents our priorities.  If we spend money on someone, whether we are buying them a gift, buying them a meal, perhaps even buying ourselves a new outfit to wear when we see someone...we are we subtly asserting our power.  How about when someone spends money on us, do we feel a bit vulnerable, or that we owe that person - that they have power over us?

If this at all rings true, expand it into the big picture.  Consider what we really want to accomplish - which most likely will include making more money.  Perhaps we want a new car, to run a marathon, to loose weight, to get a promotion or have our own company, to provide for our family, to have our preferred political party elected,  to mend a relationship, to preserve a beautiful piece of nature, to give food to a homeless person, to wake up in the morning with no anxiety, to be seen by others as worthwhile, an investment in our future.  Where and how do we spend our money and where do we resist.  

Take a few minutes to careful consider whats really most important to you and how it aligns with money.  Are there places where you can re-allocate spending, or perhaps take the "conditionality" out of spending and receiving.  How can you best invest in your future and the future of the people around you who matter most?


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