Thursday, September 18, 2014

The Tumor

After 6 weeks of Chemo and Radiation, and 6 months of radical diet and lifestyle change..."The tumor has not responded that well" - the words of a surgeon after a very thoughtful DRE (digital rectal exam) and digital does not refer to electronic.  This is coming from a person who was not privy to any of my past scans or exams, just what I told him.  He is suggesting that if the tumor is about 3cm, and if that was it size 6 months ago, then its still there.  Its time to remove it!

What terrible news.

But wait, what great news!! The tumor has not gotten bigger.  The CT scan couldn't see it, and only a couple of digits can feel its mass.  Its not bleeding.  It has not gotten bigger.  The cancer cells are living but they are not multiplying...the thing that cancer does best.  Its almost as if the combination of chemo and radiation and diet and meditation overall lifestyle change, has helped this body and brain start to come into homeostasis.  Phase One is complete.

Phase two begins - Diet, rest, remove tumor, more chemo, meditation, laughing, dancing, surfing, loving, back to work....and pilgrimage.  Lets start phase two right where phase one left off and take it from there.  "Every 10,000 mile journey starts with one step."

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