Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Mindless Barista

I write this on the sidewalk outside of a coffee shop in West Chester, PA, soaking up a spring morning in the summer. Sipping on an almond milk latte. With awareness around how many water sucking almonds it takes to make it, I am trying to make sense of its creation...from my order to a cup in my hand.

These days I make a point of drinking coffee in a "to stay cup" at the coffee shop. For me it's important to sit and enjoy the moment, an opportunity to slow down the rat race even for just a for 15 minutes. In ordering a ceramic cup I'm also aware of the reduction in waste. One less paper cup in the "recycling" cycle or pehaps the city dump.

This morning I order the Latte for here. The barista used a plastic cup to decanter the almond milk from the carton. Then he poured that into a paper cup which he used to steam the milk, after which he poured it into the ceramic cup and handed it to me. He threw both the plastic and the paper cup in the garbage. 

My mind wanders to the mindless waste this represents in our society. There is no accountability for how much we waste. We waste food, water and resources in a way that further harms the source of all of these. Take a look around you next time your at a restaurant at all the food that doesn't get eaten. Why do we continue to do this. Why do we continue put our convenience ahead of our future and well-being.

I will appreciate this latte more then ever because it cost much more then the $3.75 I was charged and because it will be the last I ever have from this coffee shop. Starbucks is just around the corner!

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