Thursday, September 17, 2015

Name the Animals

Cecil had a name.  The 800 other lions killed did not.  I have lived half my life in Southern Africa, including Zimbabwe, and I know that the method of luring Cecil to the kill is used a lot.  So in summary what happened to Cecil happens regularly to Lions, Elephants, Tigers, Bears, Ducks and Deer.

Our empathy and awareness increases significantly when something or someone has a name.  If we name a plant, we are much more likely to morn its death.

I don’t know who named Cecil, but that person should be nominated for the Nobel peace prize.  And based on the outcry about Cecil, we all have plenty of time to name all the animals in our community and make sure the world knows their names.  This might not soften the hearts of trophy hunters, but the threat of public cyber stoning and mention of Zimbabwean prisons will make them think twice before they pull the trigger!

Lets name the animals and for that matter lets name all the people as well!

RIP Cecil

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