Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Yesterday's tailwind blasted us for 60km into the outskirts of Khartoum, but was no match for the chaos of the inner city. The last 30 km was done slowly in a police convey.

My discovery of Khartoum was enhanced by my taxi breaking down. After the driver opened the the trunk and refueled, he popped the hood to make a few more adjustments. No dice - the car was dead. He gave the me the 2 hands in the air sign(which I interpreted as "I dont know") and then the 2 fingers back and forth(which I interpreted as "Start walking"). So off I went - no questions asked.

Even though Khartoum is a big city, and has the chaos and vigor of any other big city, the people are still the friendly Sudanese that I have come to know.

Tomorrow we start a new phase of the TDA as we make our way toward our first dirt roads, and then the Ethiopian border.


  1. Did the "2 fingers" get knuckle deep?

  2. Keep up the good reporting TT and never mind the trolls.