Saturday, February 12, 2011

Mubs down...Mugs to go

Common people of Zimbabwe, start the revolution. Take note of what your fellow Africans from the North have accomplished. You are a beautiful people who live in a beautiful country and you deserve the best thing that life has to offer - freedom.

Easy for me to say this from a distance. But people in countries like Egypt and Zimbabwe live a constricted existence because the powers that be inject fear into hearts and minds. There's fear by those who have nothing and are afraid to speak out and a more effective fear is that of the supporters - support that is purchased by providing to just enough people. As I watched the Egyptian situation manifest and as I've seen in Zimbabwe, I've always wondered why there are pro-bad leader supporters and as my father says, "When you and your family are totally dependent for your life and livelihood on someone like Mugabe, you'll do anything to keep him in power". There you have it. Nevertheless, revolution is in the air and we can only hope that the people of Zimbabwe take back what is theirs.

As per the prior blog, having spent time there a few weeks, ago I was in awe of what an amazing country Zimbabwe is. Travelers from close and far, 5 star and backpacker, active and passive, would all do well to visit a country that for all the wrong and unfortunate reasons has maintained an air of the past - a rare find in this day and age.

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