Sunday, February 20, 2011

Open letter to U2

Hi Guys,

I was one of 70,000 people privileged to see you perform in the Mother City on Friday night. You were amazing...inspiring. Like the feeling of pouring and drinking a glass of water when you are really thirsty, you held me in that selfless present for the entire time you were on stage. All my anxieties, fears, and judgments were replaced with a warm feeling of happiness, and a singularity with the energy radiated by you and everyone else in the stadium. I'm sure I was one of many, if not all people that night who had the same experience

As I drifted out into the night, I wondered if your music might have that effect on so many privileged people, imagine what effect it may have on those who have lost hope. Imagine playing in front of 70,000 people who live on $2 per day - how that experience might inspire them.

I look forward to our next encounter.

P.S. Nice touch having the big, bright, round moon perched above your heads all night.

Footnote - the glass of water analogy is not my material

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