Tuesday, October 14, 2014

The Fringe

Silicon Valley is the Fray. It feels like the center of everything as we have settled into a townhouse comfortably nestled between corporate headquarters for Google, Facebook, Apple, Tesla and how many more companies that are changing the way the world lives and thinks. It's nothing like the bustle of a big city but seems to exude as much energy. It's a suburb or perhaps the new urb. The cafes are filled with people talking about growth, innovation and what's best for humanity. The discussions are not inhibited by impossibility. The streets are full of cars, many of them electric one even drives itself. This is the fray. 

Last night we drove less then 10 miles south west and found ourselves  buried in the Santa Cruz mountains. The Sun was on its way down. Golden rolling hills dotted with Chaparral green. The San Andreas fault.  We parked and walked a short distance to view point from where the whole world could be seen. Right about then it sank in. The fringe enveloped me. I felt like I had come home to a place where everything made sense. The wind, the colors, smells. For a brief moment I wanted to follow this moment and this path into infinity, to the leave the fray behind. The moment wrapped around me like a warm blanket and all the uncertainty about upcoming surgery, chemo, finances, my place in the world, fell away. 

I have long known the power of the fringe , but yet I continue to find myself in the fray. Perhaps it's conditioning, but maybe it's the evolution of our species taking its place in my consciousness. 

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