Thursday, February 5, 2015

Michael Jordan's mindful path to being the best

Michael Jordan, many say, is the best basketball player ever, some say he's the best athlete ever, and often people refer to Jordan when inspiring what might be possible, work ethic and team work.  Which begs the question of  what is responsible for how good he eventually got.  In the beginning he was really good, but not good enough to win 6 championships.  Until two things happened, well Three things.  Mindfulness, team work and Phil Jackson.

Phil Jackson encouraged/encourages mindfulness for his players, which is the cornerstone of how he coach's and also how he lives.  Through meditation he prepares his players for the mindfulness that is needed to win championships, to be team players.

Jordan is the best ever and that is burned into my brain.  And mindfulness and meditation are clearly very pivotal factors in that success.  So in addition to inspiring myself and others with stories of how Michael trained the hardest in the off season, and wanted it more then anyone else, I will lead with a moment of silence and stillness, a time to capture and fully experience the knowledge and feeling of that potential, and take a giant step in that direction.

Here is a short interview with Jackson -

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