Tuesday, January 27, 2015

My CEO told me so...

Many years ago, the CEO of my company sat me down and said - "Tim, its good to do nothing from time to time.  To turn off your computer and phone and close your door. And just do nothing."  It took years for that advice to sink in. In those days the terms "meditation" and "mindfulness" sounded to me (and perhaps also my CEO) like something monks or hippies did.  Little did I know, my CEO was suggesting that I be mindful.  Now days, its not just off hand advice, but a structured practice available to all of us and championed by some of the most successful people in the world.

Meditation and mindfulness is powerful tool to help you get what you want.  How?  For starters, by reducing stress.  The latter gets in the way of clear thinking.  And then by training our brains to perform better.  Just like we can train a muscle to get stronger, we can train our brains to think better.

From CEO's to students, meditation is being used effectively to optimize performance.  Per the article below, the World Economic Forum now has a panel specific to meditation.


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