Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Travel to Cape Town, ASAP!

Wedged between a majestic mountain and a grand bay, between the Indian and Atlantic Ocean, Cape Town is one of the most exciting and fulfilling cities in the world to visit.

Wake up to an artisan cappuccino for $1.70, thanks partly to an exchange rate very much in favor to any traveller from the northern hemisphere.  Enjoy a walk up Lions head or a yoga class in its shadow.  Eat a delicious breakfast of locally grown tropical fruit or eggs.  Sit and read in a cafe watching the city wander by.  Or paddle out into South Africa's famous surf.  Shop to your hearts desire or drive around Chapman's Peak and onto see the Cape of Good hope and the Simonstown penguins.  Explore the valleys and tastes of the wine country.  Have a delicious dinner overlooking Robben Island.  Settle in to a cozy bed or party the night away.

Then do it again.

Cape Town's sights, sounds, tastes and interaction's are second to none to bring out our most creative attributes, to energize our soul and remind us what a wonderful gift life is.

And if a week in the "Mother City" is not sensory and happiness overload, then take a short flight to Kruger Park and spend a few days amongst its gargantuan, fierce, primal, majestic residents.

I write this as an memoire, a personal experience of my last two weeks.  An experience I would encourage everyone to pursue.

Enjoy Cape Town's gift to the world!


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