Friday, March 4, 2016

Trump eats too much sugar

Donald Trump is opinionated, defensive, narrow minded or not-objective, and childish.  Many of the qualities I notice about myself that I work hard to overcome and do well to hide.  Trump is also not afraid to speak his mind, make enemies, not caring much what other people think of him. All the qualities I try hard to have.  Although the latter quality only half true he is brave enough to risk it.

This leaves me a bit confused.  Should I like him or hate him?  Is he my true reflection?  Is this authenticity a better quality for the White House, over someone who has done well at refining school.

As the story goes, a women walks for days to bring her son to meet Mahatma Gandhi.  After a long wait she had the opportunity to talk to Gandhi and asked him to tell her son to stop eating too much sugar.  Gandhi thought for a while and then told the women to come back in three weeks.  A bit confused and disappointed she left.  Three weeks later she trekked back.  After a long wait she again found herself in front of him and started to remind him about her story.  He interrupted her, "Yes I remember" and turned to the son and said "Stop eating so much sugar".  The women was so happy and said "Thank you Mahatma, my son respects you and he will surely stop eating sugar, but I'm curious why you didn't say that three weeks ago". "3 weeks ago, I was eating too much sugar", said Ghandi.

Maybe Trump is here to remind us not to eat sugar.  Or maybe we need 4 years of Trump as a reminder!

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