Friday, April 22, 2016

Bob and Donald

Trump is so much fun to talk about isn't he?! Maybe that's why he's doing so well. For the life of me I can't seem to find anyone who likes him, so it's really mysterious why he gets so many votes...although I recently started to hear comments like  "Well, I suppose I'm going to have to vote for "Trump".

So what about Bob. Bob (don't call me coach ) was my college squash coach. He also coached Donald for the first two years of Donald's college career at Fordham. 

According to a recent article in the Daily News - "Members of the squash team were in awe of Trump's extravagance when he took out his golf clubs and started carelessly hitting balls into the river on one of their trips..."

"... and while at Fordham from 1964-66 Trump propagated the same misplaced emphasis on winning he has during his presidential campaign. Winning squash matches. Winning over women."

During my Fordham career almost 30 years later, the squash program depended heavily on donations from alumni, and so Bob founded the Hopkins fund named after a Jesuit who had been fiercely dedicated to Fordham racquet sports.  Back then Trump was a famous or infamous - I can't remember - real estate tycoon, and yet according to Bob...he never gave a penny to the Hopikins Fund. Bob's annual (or whenever the questions came up) declaration of this fact was sharp and flowery! 

Further stories go that right when Trump was listing his company on the New York Stock exchange under the ticker DJT(a few years ago a comedian talked about how Donald labels everything like one labels their underwear for camp) in the mid 90s, a wallstreeter who played squash at Fordham introduced himself to Trump accordingly, and the reply was something along the lines of " I give all my money to fordham, not a dime to Wharton". When called for verification Bob used the phrase "not a dime". Needless to say Trumps IPO ended in Chapter 11, with a $100 investment receiving $10.

Bob passed away a few years ago. He's missing the show, which he could probably do without. The show that has us mesmerized!

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