Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Head Wind vs. Tail Wind

Our last two days had a very similar profile. 93 miles. 4,000 feet of climbing. A steady climb in the morning, and then fairly flat terrain for the last 50 miles. There was one big difference. The last 50 miles of yesterday was into a 20 mph headwind and todays latter 50 we were pushed by a 20mph tailwind. So that begs the observation of what changes when the wind changes... Tailwind vs. Headwind - Lucky to do 10mph up a slight incline vs. cruising at 25 up that incline - People develop turrets vs. people sing top 40 dance songs - Get to your destination in time for lunch vs. get there in time for a nap - Best ride of my life vs. that was my last bike ride - Dreading ones turn at the front of the pace line vs. refusing to leave the front - Everyone in the pace line hates each other vs. its like Woodstock in the pace line - Stop for water refills every 5 miles vs. don't need to drink - Wondering if its going to rain tomorrow vs. combing weather reports for a 3 degree change in wind direction. You get the picture. There are a happy group of cyclists at the best western in Clayton, NM.

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