Sunday, July 6, 2014

Day 28

A few days ago was the 28th day of radiation and chemo therapy.  For 25 of those days the radiation was targeted in the area around the tumor, with the intention of targeting any possible cancer in the nodes or surrounding tissue as well as the tumor.  The last three days the radiation was "coned down" to target the tumor directly.

The treatment went smoothly, with the most obvious side affect being a bit of a raw bum and a much more active digestive system(not to be confused with diarrhea).  If anything there were times where I felt like I was a bit hung over...more-so in the beginning of the treatment.

The question now hangs in the air - how the the cancer respond to the treatment.  Since the affects of both the chemo and the radiation are still active, the question won't be answered until I am scanned again in a month.

The other question in the air that keeps getting answered, is am I doing everything possible to cure the cancer and the answer is that I am doing everything possible to heal!  Curing is to get rid of the immediate symptoms, while healing is getting to the bottom of the root cause, so that the symptoms do not reoccur.  The chemo and radiation have been critical to the cure, but only play a small role in my healing.

A doctor recently told me that the source of all disease is the brain.  He admits that he is in the business of curing that disease, but he does not elaborate on preventing the return of the disease.  That is advanced strategy in this day and age, particularly in the science community.  Homeopathic and other healing methodologies are exploring the frontiers of healing. These frontiers are difficult to quantify and quantification is what we look for when making decisions about our well being.  But the good news is we are all living on the frontier.

Take stress for example.  A tangible feeling.  A feeling that doesn't feel good.  A feeling where the source can be identified...if we pay attention.  A feeling we can get rid of.  There is not much argument out there against the fact that stress can lead to disease.  With some patience and some diligence we can decrease our stress and subsequently begin the healing process(or perhaps the process of prevention).  There is only upside - peace of mind and healthy body!!!

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