Thursday, July 10, 2014

The Virgin says compassion is a competitive advantage

Flying Virgin airlines from booking the ticket to disembarking at the end of the journey may be the most pleasant way to travel.  Why? The employee's ooze love of their jobs.  The prices, the food, the movies, all are so much fun.  But then I pause and say well, I'm flying...probably one of the highest carbon emitters - - and there you have it!!!  My decisions may not be the most environmentally friendly one, and Virgin is complicit, but at least they are working in the right direction.  In a world where we are all complicit, those who recognize our reality and operate with as much compassion as possible are the most successful!!!

"In business, as in nature, companies that want to survive aren’t mindlessly pursuing profits at the expense of people and the planet; they are smart enough to know that caring and cooperation are key. "

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