Thursday, July 10, 2014

What would Gandhi eat?


Gandhi is known for his fasting for political reasons, but also he also fasted for health reasons, a practice that goes back thousands of years.

Today, I fast.  With the intention of 24 hours with only water...perhaps some miso soup for dinner.  This being the latest addition to the healing regiment/paradigm.  The research is pointing to fasting being a great way to re-bout the immune system while detoxing the system.  For me the sale was the fact that when we or animals are sick, we go hide under a bush and stop eating until we are better...fasting seems to be one of natures way to heal.  Many doctors are now starting to use fasting as part of their treatment plans for a number of diseases.

Gandhi spent his life experimenting with food.  His mantra was "Eat to live"...not Live to eat.  Gandhi learned what to eat so that he would maximize his potential and his experience.  His diet energized him, made him smarter,  made his body flexible and strong.  

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