Monday, December 29, 2014

Thanks Deepak

Recently we spent a week at the Chopra center participating in the Perfect Health program. What did we learn? What would Deepak do?

Good sleep, good food, meditation, exercise are the ingredients for perfect health. In other words if you want to heal(we probably all could do with little healing) and/or if you want to maintain good health just infuse these ingredients into each day.  This includes mental health. 

Deepak didn't come up with this idea himself. It's the most common sense, most powerful tool to healing. We all know but have conditioned ourselves to forget. Just read between the lines from any healing paradigm from western medicine to Shamanism and you will find this time tested formula. And it works immediately.

Try if for day and feel the difference. Then try it for 2 weeks and feel the evolution. Make it lifestyle and feel the transformation. 

But before we move forward we must listen to our intuition which will tell us what it means to get good sleep, eat well, meditate and exercise because there must me no compromise, or least compromise must come with acute awareness. 

"If you listen to the whispers...."

You will hear that good sleep is 8ish hours starting at 10. Good nutrition is fresh whole food, only food and drink that is good for our body (a hint is that sugar is not good for us), meditation is sitting still without any distraction even if for few minutes(distraction includes cell phone and books), and exercise simply means to move(walking for 30 mins each day counts!!)

"You won't hear the screams" - an Apache proverb

Thanks Deepak for a powerful reminder.

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