Friday, May 8, 2015

Conversation with myself

Me “Whats the secret to being happy”
Me “Stop thinking about yourself”
Me “Huh, Easier said then done”
Me “You asked”
Me “OK, so how do you do it”
Me “Well that answer is not so simple.  Entire religions, philosophies, cultures, books exist to answer that question.  I don’t really know what to tell you other then…stop thinking about yourself”
Me “Is that even possible, what about if I’m hungry, or if I hurt myself.  How can you not think about yourself.”
Me “Well, when I say yourself, I mean your ego.  Don't think about the person you think you are.  When you are hungry or in pain, bring your attention to the feeling.  That is happiness.  As soon as that attention moves from observing that feeling to thinking about how uncomfortable it makes you, or how to wanting to get to the point of not being hurt or hungry, then you are thinking about yourself and you are unhappy”
Me “Hmmm, makes sense.  I can see how complicated it can become, because even when you think you are thinking about someone else, its quite possible that you are actually thinking about yourself, because thinking about someone else might make you feel better”
Me “Yes.  Say you have $20 in your pocket, and you go into a coffee shop and order a latte.  And today you feel like you really want to make the baristas day.  Option 1 - is to give the barista the change…all $15, but you hand it directly to her because you need to receive recognition or thanks.  Option 2 - is you put all $15 in the tip jar but make sure they see you from a distance so you are comfortable they know they have received the tip from you.  Option 3 - is you stuff the $15 in the tip jar when they clearly aren't looking and walk out…complete anonymous giving.  That is not thinking about yourself”
Me “Thats not easy”
Me “I hear you. When we become interconnected, we think less and less of ourselves and become happier and happier.  Try meditating for 5 minutes with the focus of brining your thoughts to your breath and away from yourself. Even if you only have fleeting moments of selfless thinking you will understand”
Me “I get it”
Us “So lets move forward one moment at a time…meditating, giving anonymously, loving unconditionally”
Us “And when we feel unease creep in, just recognize where are our thoughts, and allow thoughts of ourselves to drift away”

Us “I really appreciate our time together, it makes me so happy!!”

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