Saturday, September 29, 2012

Awaken Africa

Before I started this journey I thought long and hard about how I might raise money for Awaken Africa. I have felt conflicted since many of you donated to another amazing cause a couple years ago on my behalf, so I didn't want to ask again. I am now 1100 miles or third of the way and have realized that its not about me but about all the children that Awaken Africa can and will help. So once again ...I use my adventure to help raise awareness. Imagine this child. A pot of boiling water topples onto her from a stove. Her once pretty little face is barely recognizable, disfigured by third-degree burns. She does not have the luxury of plastic surgery, post-trauma counseling or even the loving care of a family. Imagine the pain, the fear and confusion at so many levels this child would face.

Burns like this are just one of the many tragedies that are common to many African communities, where makeshift stoves, open fires and lack of family supervision are the hallmark of poverty.

The topic of children’s mental and physical health is very important to me because I believe that health is our most amazing privilege and I think that it is our responsibility to cultivate and protect this privilege for the children of the world.

Awaken Africa is dedicated to facilitating healing and growth of children and families from underserved communities in South Africa. The 501c3 organization offers culturally relevant mental health services that treat the psychological traumas resulting from low socioeconomic circumstances, violence and like threatening health conditions. Awaken Africa is committed to raising the psychosocial and emotional well-being of children and families from underserved communities in South Africa thereby cultivating the leaders of the future.

Thank you for your consideration

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