Monday, September 24, 2012

Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon has been forming for 2 Billion years...

And it's as majestic as it is old. It's image for me has always been of a post card destination, loaded with tour buses andhoards of people. The latter is very true. But if one can find a place of solitude and gaze out over this relic of time and perhaps even ponder its existence, then the anxiety of falling into a tourist trap quickly fades.

To put it into perspective, if the first human looked out over this canyon, they would see pretty much the same thing we see today. Our existence is a speck in the big picture. It's an important reminder not to take things too seriously... Cause our things are just a speck in the big picture.

After a rest day at the Grand Canyon the group had a beautiful, wind aided cycle into the Navajo Nation, where we will spend tonight in Tuba City.

The picture below is like most pictures in that people who look at it have a very different experience to the photographer. This picture stood out for me in this case. I was sitting quietly on the edge taking in the grand canyon, when this big crow hopped along the edge and when it got to about 2 feet from me it stopped looked up(so I iPhoned it) at me and then hopped along to the next ledge. Someone once told me the crow was my animal I'm a believer.

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