Friday, September 28, 2012

Red State, Blue State

The NFL was created by a man who considered the state of consciousness of the people of United States. He realized that this was a country of pilgrims who fought for what they wanted and believed. He realized that this country loved a hero, loved the forward movement of its history, and that it loved its story and the successive chapters thereof so far. So he took the the basics of rugby and soccer, the 2 sports not really enjoyed by this new nation and added a quarterback, a forward pass, and the 1st down, just like a chapter where a fan can stop for a second to absorb the big picture.

As we cycle through red and blue states in a presidential election season, we are constantly reminded of the genesis of this country as we know it. Washington represented a self sufficient group of people who wanted a government who would play a minimal roll in the development of this new nation. Just like we needed a new sport we needed a new form of government. And this became the basis of our constitution.

It's now 2012 and we are no longer that people who had nothing, and were ready and willing to band together to build a nation. The nation has been built, and we are enjoying the privilege that this nation offers us. Our consciousness has changed, we take this nations infrastructure for granted, which is fine. But shouldn't we all acknowledge that we are a bit more needy then our forefathers. We depend and need - roads and bridges; cheap gas and public transport; regulation and deregulation and regulation; we need to feel safe and comfortable. We need all these government subsidized perks so that we may sit back and enjoy Monday Night Football

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