Saturday, May 24, 2014


Over 100 years ago, in Mumbai India,  the Dabbawala service was founded.  It delivers lunch boxes to people at work after picking it up from their homes in the morning and then returns the empty lunchbox that afternoon.  Today 5000 employees deliver 130,000 peoples lunches each day.  And rarely is there an error!  So for over 100 years this service has endured famines, wars, monsoons, riots, terrorist attacks, the industrial and age, and still they achieve their one simple goal...on-time delivery.

When it comes down to it, their efficiency and reliability is not because of some magic business process nor is it because they use the most advance technology, nor is it because they've hired a high priced is simply because they each have a deep respect for each other, and for their clients receiving their lunch each day on time.  They do this work for very little money, but yet do it happily and efficiently. awareness and the pillar for an organization's longevity and effectiveness!!!

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