Friday, May 30, 2014

The free market is like nature...

And money is like reward.

Imagine a forest.  Trees, bushes, plants, animals, air, soil.  The tree drops its leaves on the ground which nourishes the soil.  Animals live in the trees and feed from its leaves, and they then nourish the soil.  This all comes full circle to nourish the tree.  This is one example of millions of ways that nature works to sustain itself.  Organisms give and in return are rewarded with growth.  Organisms take only what they need.  When this happens a rich, sustainable  community is formed and flourishes until an organism stops giving or takes more then they need.

The free market is the same.  Trees are like Fortune 500 companies and small coffee shops are like insects.  Harmony not only is possible but more rewarding to all.  The more big companies give to the community and environment (in the form of good products and philanthropy) and the less they take the more they are rewarded over the long term.  This also goes for small business.

They key to a companies long term success is having clients and resources, and the key to having sustainable clients and resources is to make sure that the latter are nourished.



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