Saturday, June 7, 2014

How to cure cancer...

As a teenager  heard a story about a family friend that often ponder.  The friends had a grandchild who was born with HIV because her mother had AIDS.  The child was cared for by by her grand parents from a very early age.  A few years after they started caring for her, she was tested negative for HIV.  This confounded everyone.  How is this possible? The girls grandparents believe that only possible explanation is that they gave her so much tender loving care.  Love!

"Spontaneous remission" is a term used for the unexpected cure of a disease that appears to be progressing in severity.  It happens sometimes in diseases like cancer. It is unexplainable, at least with todays  understanding and vocabulary.  How is this possible?

My research to find this miraculous cure has taken me in and out of hospitals, homeopathic doctors, integrative medicine, Ayurvedic doctors, Therapists, Shamans, and across the internet. As we all know there are vast differences in opinions about how one should treat cancer.  Some turn their nose up at the medical world, while the medical world is often offended by alternative opinions.  But, Im finding that there is a common subtle theme running among all opinions...from oncologists to witch doctors...and that is, cure and prevention comes from homeostasis, or balance.

What does balance mean and how do we find it? Well I think a great start is to notice how we feel when we start to get sick, maybe its just a cold.  How do we react, how do we decide make ourselves better, what food do we crave, how does our body feel.  These are all subtle messages that can help us find where we might be imbalanced and what we can work on, whether we are sick or not.  I know that when I start to come down with a cold, my first instinct is to wish I felt normal again, and to do whatever it takes for that to happen as soon as possible so that I can get back to my busy life without hindrance.  Im not as hungry as often in the day as I usually might be.  My hips and shoulders and other joints are stiffer then usual.

Im learning now that these signals from our bodies, are requests, asking us to stop or start doing certain things.  To stop being as busy, to stop wishing away time, to eat more mindfully, and to find counter activity to give those muscles and joints always being used some reprieve...rather then sitting all day, get up and walk around more. This is balance.

Balance or homeostasis will be different for everyone, as distinct as our finger print.  And therefore there is not a formula for us to follow.  We must find this balance for ourselves.  Diet books, fitness instructors or regimes, self-help books, therapists, doctors et al;  are all sources of information, but ultimately its is up to us each individually to find our own balance.  We must pay attention, so we can start to discover and implement what food is best for us, how much rest we must get, how much we work, how we we live.

We demand instant relief, which falls into the same category as instant gratification...and we hold doctors accountable if we don't get it.  Doctors believe in the placebo effect, but can't explain can.  I've heard Doctors say the source of all disease is the mind - the same doctors who resort to medicine and surgery.  We demand results that in this day and age only medicine and surgery can come closest to guaranteeing...quickly.  But between the lines, the cure-all is balance.

Homeostasis takes time, it is hard work(because it requires change).  In extreme situations, balance may include surgery or an operation but these are only part of the solution, and just the beginning.  I must NOT be passive in my own well-being.

I must take responsibility for my own well-being and for my own growth and evolution!!!

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