Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Great companies

"Good to Great" by Jim Collins, a great company is defined by consistent superior performance compared to competitors over a period of 30 years.  When he searched for companies that might fit those criteria, he ended up only finding a handful.  So of all the thousands and thousands of public companies, only 11 consistently were great.  Furthermore when he analyzed the possible reasons, he found undertones of consciousness, of passion, of executives acting for the benefit of a much bigger picture, of happy employees and happy customers...of harmony in the marketplace. Rather then scrambling for the quick big buck, these companies are the most profitable because they invest for the long term by thinking beyond "Profit"!

So "What Would Google Do?" - As the book by Jeff Jarvis says..."companies need to learn from Google and grow by building platforms to help others prosper".  Thats Google does...they help others prosper.  Google doesn't have a 30 year track record yet, but they certainly seem to be blazing the trail to Greatness!

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