Thursday, November 13, 2014

Being willing to change the concept of myself

These words are advice from Wayne Dyer.  And advice that I embodied last night while trying a couple of yoga poses.  One month ago, after four years of a daily asana practice, I had developed an expectation of what poses I could do and how far into them I could go.  Take a forward fold as an example.  Four years ago, I was lucky to touch my shins.  A month ago, after a few sun salutations, I was able to tilt my hips enough so that my palms could touch the ground. One part of me marveled at the progress, while another part of me was frustrated that my hamstrings were still so tight that I was still far from sandwiching my belly to my straight legs.

Now, after surgery, I can only fold over enough to touch my knees.  Last night my concept of myself was a well progressed forward fold but not far enough.  Because of that concept, only being able to touch my knees, sets off a vortex of frustration and dissatisfaction.  And then I realized, this body that I have at this moment, is my body, is who I am and that I must do my best to experience today with this body.  My physical state now is no different than any other point in my life, meaning that today it can do what it can do, as much as one month ago, it could just do what it could do.  The difference in experiencing life does not depend on whether I can stick my head between my knees, it depends my attention to that moment.

Its time to try and be open to being someone I never imagined I would be...

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