Thursday, November 3, 2016

Don't Forget!

Trump has never done anything good.  At least I can't seem to find anything.  Everything he has done is an attempt at self service.  Perhaps his family, but by observing the family dynamic that we are privy to, everything seems to be build around Trump.   
Trump regales us with expert use of words like "Very" and "Big" and "A lot" but beyond that there is no depth.  Since he cannot really articulate his policies, I turned to his website which describes his policies well.  I stopped reading after the theme was that his policies ready feel un-executeable.   More-so than Bernie's pipe dreams.  Trump dreams big which is admirable but his intention is questionable and his resulting failures are at the expense of others not.  His bid dreams that did come to fruition rely heavily on debt, tax creativity and the bankruptcy law, and also at the expense of others money and dreams.
“Anyone who’s ever had their kitchen done over,” he said, “knows that it never gets done as soon as you wish it would.” 
Those are Reagan's words after the 4th deadly attack on American installations in Beirut.  
Clinton may have straddled the law in her pursuit of executing policy.  But at least she has gotten stuff done.  Even Trump called her relentless.  And even if you have to believe that her intention is self serving you cannot deny that she has done good in the process.  
If I were an NRA member I would cringe at the thought of Trump in the Whitehouse.  He wouldn't know a gun if it was wedged in his belt.  Neither would Clinton, but again at least she'll get something done.  A good friend of mine has an arsenal in his garage.  I on the other hand don't.  But we both have the same option about gun control.  People who don't know how to handle a gun and people who are a threat to the country's security should not own guns.  If we all closed our eyes and listened to the words we would hear the same opinion across the aisle. Question is who will do something about it?
We must not forget, or we will be sorely disappointed. Don't forget that in 1960 people thought that Kennedy and Nixon were both bad choices for president.  Don't forget how you felt about George Bush.  Don't forget about everything we've learned about how Trump has conducted himself in business and socially.  Don't forget that Hilary has done a lot of good for this country.
Would you rather have Trump or Clinton taking your kid on a field trip?


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