Saturday, November 19, 2016

The Failed Revolution

"When someone shows you who they are believe them, the first time" - Maya Angelou

Did we do this with Donald Trump?  At first I thought we had not. But now Im starting to wonder.   Its seems that most of the people who voted for Trump might know and appreciate what they are getting. And I mean the misogyny, racism, brashness, disrespect; an overall opposite of how we would like our children to be.

But will that work for them?  It worked for them on election night.  Because it felt good.

Going forward I don't think its going to feel great.

First of all Trump is a person who likes power. The kind of power that is unquestioned.  He is going to be surprised and frustrated by how little of it he will have as President.  He is used to all those working for him to act without question on his demand.  The President does not have that kind of power.

Secondly, Trump loves attention.  His constituents gave him a lot of it, while those who opposed him gave him none, mostly because they didn't think he had a chance.  Now those who opposed him are giving him a lot of attention and this makes him feel good.  During the election campaign he had to wander for from Trump Tower to find attention. In the Whitehouse they will be everywhere.  From Paul Ryan to Nancy Pelosi. Whether they agree with him or not they now are considering him and this will be the way to his heart.

Trump will forget his constituents.  They will be left high and dry by the trust fund boy they hoped will crush the elite.  He is that elite.  Its all he knows.

We are not ready for a second American Revolution. And certainly not one being lead by a poser.

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