Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Where the White Women at?

Funny line from Blazing saddles, not so funny realization by the Clinton campaign, and all those who voted against Trump. I say against Trump because it doesn't seem like many voted with Clinton which is probably one of a few reasons she lost.

But back to the white women, or all women for that matter.  Voting for a self proclaimed misogynist against a woman does not seem like a smart move if you are at all serious about gender rights...no matter what the circumstances. Not even pro-life or a bully for a husband, he's not allowed to be with when you vote...and then lie!!!

53% of white women voted for Trump, 23% of Hispanics did the same.

Progress doesn't happen overnight but it doesn't happen at all unless a step in the right direction is taken.

I think that the gender discrimination in this country is far worse then that of race, it's just weaved into the fabric of our consciousness so is much harder to discern. But yet those being discriminated against have immense power since they represent 50% of the population.

As Seth Godin says..."The awesome power of the well organized crowd"

Next time this opportunity presents itself the women better have a little get together and be a little clearer on what is most important.

I think we all would agree that a giant step forward in gender equality will bring a lot of other equality along with it!!!!

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