Wednesday, November 9, 2016

There you have it!

President Trump.

Trump won because those who voted for him were not unified.

Clinton's supporters were not unified for her, they were unified against Trump and that was not enough.  How many times did we hear people who voted for Hilary be sure to express their distaste for her as a candidate,  because of corruption, emails, etc etc.

Some people who voted for Trump did the same, but not his core.  His core wanted Trump in the Whitehouse, and that caught on.

Clinton's own supporters expressed doubt, and that caught on.  Our lack of unity behind Clinton ended in her defeat.  And now we are devastated, because Trump will be President.

But now we are unified.  Unified in our disappointment, horror, shock.   This is the unity we needed yesterday, but we have it today and now we will get somewhere...this is the unity that is needed for transformation.


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